Sunday, January 18, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.

@but all i know is!.

*mon 12Jan
HAPPY 18YRS AND 1MTH TO ME!. Lol... Lol...
today i made a new mth resolution:
I WILL VOCALIZE PROPERLY!. i grew up hving a
really nice voice, n i breezed thru singing effortlessly.
upon reaching puberty [funny but true], my voice had
a life on it's own!. it can be normal, then suddenly
bcome very deep or superfast or wtv else!. X)

until now e only thing i hv undefeatable confidence in
is in SCREAMING!. although i hv quite a low female voice,
i can scream at a really high pitch for quite a long time!.
n it doesnt even hurt my throat. who else can?. haha so i
intend to reach that lvl in terms of my vocalbility too ;D

EPL i was late, attempted to sneak in coz HottIes Stanley
just reached also, but when i entered HottIes Resi went
"PEBBLES!~", so there goes my cover!. Lol... Lol...

BRK e Malay Specialty Rice stall had 2 cuteguys queing so
i joined em n act innocent rofl X) 1 of em actually turned n
almost talked to me but e Makcik asked him for his order so
yeah haha dammit. a bit sadded so i appetite decreased X)
bought Chicken Rice+2Nuggets=$1!. Lol... Lol...

at cteen met some juniors, it's pretty cool that some of em
came up n talk to me or like smiled or waved :) at B3 we were
waiting for class n we laughed at HottIes Fir's hair. you see, he
gells his fringe to e front, but today 2clumps of hair at each
side of his head were like pointing upwards so i said it looked like
e devil's thorns. it looked kinda cool actually but you know,
him n e devil is like, irony!. Lol... Lol... well at least it's betta
than he's previous "smooth n bouncy" hairstyle. hee hee
sorry Fir you know why i disturb you right?.
[coz you found out my secret]

BZC was funny. we werent suppose to switch on our Pcs, then
somewhen betw e lesson HottIes Stanley's Pc just went:
congratulations, you won!. [Lol... Lol...] so Mrs Quek replied:
so, how much you won?. [Lol... Lol...] okay back to e pt XD

M-emo-ed. at 1pt Mrs Quek wanted to write Memorandum but
she wrote "memondum" instead n HottIes Raynard said that
it's e brother of papadum, n it's steam coz papadum is fried X)
otw hm i walked past quite a handful of cuteguys!. WOOO~ 8D
there was even a cute Korean guy who smiled at me!. :D

at hm only Hot Gdad was in so i youtubed n karaoked my
heart out!. Lol... Lol... then i bloghopped like nobody's bness!.
nowadays i keep bloghopping to blogs of ppl i've nv talked to,
n it's kinda weird coz someimes i see em ard n i'd recall their
blog n just wna laugh. moving on, i hate e panty i wore today!.
RAWR!. recently my PE SHORTS n PANTIES hv gone missing!.
i understand regarding my panties, but pe shorts?!. RAWR!~

today i tot abt boys n pickup lines. it's been brought up
quite a few times in my life, n usually e girls will hv sooo
much bad things to say. except for me!. i feel quite lucky,
most of e ones i received r quite gd/funny!. Lol... Lol...

SW!. didnt know whether there was SW session, so
i texted ard. i was surprisingly early today, i even met
HottIes Coach D at Juncti8n!. today's warmup was
1rd ard e cpark, stretching, then we made use of e
Multipurpose Hall's stairs!. kinda cool, quite funny rofl :)

games HottIes played captain's ball at field, i was in
Team Turquoise. e game was even funnier!. Lol... Lol...
HottIes Raynard was e catcher, n he wore turquoise
underwear too!. Lol... Lol... so i told HottIes Liyana
"eh im also wearing turquoise!" Lol... Lol... anw,
i was pretty active at captain's ball [1st time haha].
it's like im always at an open spot, n Raynard will just
yell "FLINTSTONES!." n someone will pass e ball to me X)
oh n, n today Coach D is e MVP of e game!. Lol... Lol...

so i was like tired!. at 2 cchop but waste my $ only,...
still hungry!. :( at cteen there was a policethingy n
they gave out freebies!. THANKS CSSP!. :D

nothing else much happened today!. ohohoh, except before
BZC i wanted to go to Coop to buy hello panda, n Coop was
open!. happy ar!. :D gossiped. BZC relief tcher was late, so i
slept in class. then she let us out early but it was raining.
then i saw HottIes Sufiyan n Coach D getting into a cab so i
hitched along!. Lol... Lol... reached hm at 1500 so early!.

MKTG CA Paper today!. it was okay a bit boring :)
EPL we did our report, then when we wanted to
save n my computer cldnt, so e whole report was lost!.
DAMMIT!. thankfully, HottIes Yilik had e extremely old copy.
if not had to retype everything agn!. RAWR!~

sch ended at 1300 so i went hm, then went back to sch for
LD. some of e new batch came :) WELCOME HOTTIES!. *poplocks*
HottieLD Skye was funny today. he saw me n calmly said:
you're so pink today. Lol... Lol... was in e toilet n i borrowed
HottieLD Mas's specs for camwhoring purposes!. :D

today i happened to be in e 88bus infront of another 88bus,
n HottIes Liyana was inside e 2nd one so we walked to
sch tgt. sch ends at 11, so i went hm, n went out at ard
1500 agn coz there was a casting for CNY performance :)

i tried out for dance with SDO n a singing solo. e song i wanted to
do might require a guitarist so HottIte Haru helped me out :)
THANKS HARU!. :D when i was abt to sing HottStars Shahril,
Liyana n Sufiyan just shouted some random words ["cheering"]
Lol... Lol... i think i did quite awful!. apologies to all!. TvT but
it's okay, i will survive, it's just 1 of those "bad days on e stage" :)
anw, i think that my skills r still undeveloped, n it's like some
things i just gotta learn thru exp :D long long way to go~

n of coz, lotsa practice!. heh. otw hm at e stairs i was
singing n Hot Nabs's tutor was gg down n she was like
"shyiok sendiri?.", so i replied "a'ah!. :D" Lol... Lol...

MKTG cancelled so reached just nice for EPL :) Ms Nair said
that based on e statistics of e results for HigherNitec course
choices on e 1st day of O Lvl result release, EVM came in...
2nd!. WOOO!~ :D 1st was ECH, with 64hits n ours was 22hits :D
i'm satisfied that we're in 2nd place... full of happiness!. :D
i know, e hits gap might be far, but i wldnt want EVM to
be e most popular!. bcoz,...

1: more opportunity for us to do our thang!.
2: e sch committee wont focus on us sooo much!.
2.1: less incessant stress on attire codes n sch rules!.
2.2: no draggy timetables!.

i love #3!. EVM absolutely shouldnt be so publicly opened,
imagine if all e boring ppl enter e industry, we'll hv a
boring events revolution!. it's a win-win situation!. :D

at brk i ate nuggets n i got bored so i blew up e plastic n
exploded it!. it was quite loud!. so i just act innocent :D
after that HottIes Liyana, Sufiyan, David n me just started
laughing!. n we cldnt stop!. it was backtoback jokes, we
laughed at almost everything in our lines of sight!. XD

BZC Mrs Quek was even funnier today!. in e middle of e
lesson she suddenly stopped teaching n said [with feeling]:
this class is mad, but on friday this class is very mad!.
Lol... Lol... XD me n HottIes Liyana sit infront so we heard it
loud n clear n laughed our sexy butts off!. Lol... Lol... XD
another funny thing she said: your friends who r not here,
they are,... not here. XD Lol... Lol... DUH!. laughs agn XD

aftrsch we went to cteen to celebrate HottIes Liyana's
bday which falls on 18 Jan. LIYANA BEWARE I KNOW
yup. moving on,... SDO session instructor wasnt in :(

no VDG session agn. heh. had some technical problems, so
i was unblogable. also, today e middle section of my
left index finger experienced Ecchymosis!. Lol... Lol...
it's fancyterm for blue-black. sounds quite glam huh!.
Ecchymosis E'zzati!. Lol... Lol... wonder how it happened!. :)

i was "cleaning up my closet",
when i had an idea. i had a stash of clothes that i didnt know
what to do with. i didnt wna throw it away coz it's still in
useful condition, but i also didnt wna give it away coz it'll be
sucha mean thing for a fashion arbiter to do!. so i decided to
give my schbks a makeover!. i just taped n tucked tho, i know,
cheating but wtv :) haha just somein last minute first try ;)

BEFORE!. this is what happens if you "study vigorously"!.
*inside joke* Lol... Lol... XD haha RAWR!. i know,
i'm so FIEEEERRCEEE!~ *snaps my fingers* XD


Love xoxoxox Nebs

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