Thursday, December 25, 2008

E'zzati's Secret.


left for Malacca early morn. weather was nice, i wanted
to walk hm!. oh i saw a mackik wear baju kurung with
eyeball patterns!. twisted but so cool!. :) then went to
e Malaccanistas Castle. i think i ate most of e
Javanese Choc'z [Tempe] that they served!. mwahaha :)

they said recently they saw an inverted crescent moon, n
it had 2 stars on top so it looked like a smiling moon.
means, e end of e world is coming!. :$ scary!.
then some of us left to see some cows [really], but
Hot Nabs n i stayed back n they let us watch their tv!. :D

it was really cool, they had KBS channel!. hee hee :D
watched Hitz, they played Colby O' Donnis What You Got
acoustic vid n i think its a lil betta then e real one!. haha
after that Fall For You, Word Up [Korn], Forever [Chris B],...
quite cool!. haha then left for Everly Resort Hotel Room 204.

e hotel name so lame n unglam!. EVERLY. mwahahaha.
went to Tesco. dimelo?, their KFC had no ketchup!.
n they dont carry Shrooms Burger!. RAWR. then e
boys went to go get icecream for emselves!. shocking!.
i tot only girls eat icecream!. Lol... Lol...

at Tesco Hot Nabs n i bcame e packers for a
night. you know, put purchases in e plastic bags.
fun!. Lol... Lol... oh n coincidentally, Hot Dad wore a
polo tee that looks like a Grade A imitation of e
uniform!. Lol... Lol... we managed to get a JPEG :)

OTW TO E HOTEL I SAW A SIGN!. looks like
"SATAN ->" so for a moment i tot i was e
REAPER!. after re-reading it it was actually
"SANTAN ->"!. Lol... Lol... XD

at e hotel lobby we saw this statue.
looks so wrong!. Lol... Lol... it's actually just e
lighting behind it but wtv. Lol... Lol...

oh i bought new shoes!. e front of e sole is
really slippery but e back heel has a strong grip.
cool right!. like fun like that can slide2 controllably :D
oh e cutehottie is my cuz, Dzulfadzly!. he's
Dzulkhairi's bro. he was looking at my shoes haha :D

in e room Hot Nabs n i started camwhoring :)


we got invaded!. L: Hot Dad R: Hot Uncle Joe :D

i decided to take somepics to commemorate
my 18yo "HOTDORKANISTA" campaign!. :D

borrowed Hot Mum's glasses... Lol... Lol...

i was ALMOST named Qurratul Ain!.
n my nname wld be Ququ!.

Lol... Lol... can you imagine!. after
living 18yrs of my life as E'zzati i realized
that i was almost Qurratul!. can you imagine!.
going to!.
reading Qurratul's Secret?!. Lol... Lol...



Love xoxoxox Nebs

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