Thursday, October 15, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


hello, ima interrupt e posts by semi-complaining!. :D
if you're lazy to read, to summarize in 2 words,
it'll be... SCH STARTED!. :D wooohoo!~ XD -_-"

SW2 is with Mr Borhan as previously :) Lol... Lol...
i still hope it's more interesting this time rd!.
you know, hopefully not those typical captain'sballs
[im being sarcastic ;)] sessions!. altho, sessions
wont be e same since Hot Didi wont be hving hers
at e same time like before :( i still hv yet to
hulahoop with her!. haha :) i got mine in e
middle of a tuesday, so yeah -_-" ALSO, NAPFA!. ;)

Lifeskills for Personal Devmt!. :D yeah, im
still stuck with this!. :( this term there'll
be a project for it -_-" kinda lame to me :/
n i miss HottIte Mr Lendra's classes!. like
how i can miss his lessons n still get to
submit my assignments thanks to technology :)

Meetings Incentives Conventions Exhibitions!.
everytime i think of this, i think of Cosplay.
i dno why :) HottIte Ms Nair will teach us, so
yeah :) no fireworks on e coverpg tho!. -_-"
RAWR feeling2 minnie mice uh haha X)

Project Management And Scheduling!. ;) it's
e closest thing i hv to DSG tho, coz some of
e classes r at A302 :D which leads to...

Design Applications!. no amt of blogging can
express how much i miss it!. :'( no, we dont
hv this module anymore, im just blogging abt it
coz i miss it :'( i miss gg to sch ONLY to design,
or just entering class with design intentions!. ;)
i miss everything, even e feeling of staring into
AdobE'zzatIllustrator Cs3 n not doing anything
due to artiste's block!. :( also!. Mr Foong aka
Dj Foongz Ferdinand!. [rofl XD] Dj coz, meet me n
i'll tell you ;) Foongz Ferd coz someimes i think
he comes dressed up [somewhat] as Franz Ferdinand!.
HAHAHA XD also!. someimes he seems very
Totally Spies's Jerry to me rofl XD so yeah,
i miss his supercalm de-gine [inside joke ;)]

uhhuh uhhuh!. ;) so my ttable is... *drumroll*
Mon: 1300-1700!. ppl go hm ald then i go to sch -_-"
Tue: 1000-1700!. SW is in e middle -_-"
Wed: 0800-1700!. RAWRRARRRARR LD at 1600!. ;)
Thu: 0800-1200!. end at 12, wth -_-"
Fri: 0800-1100!. back to juSDOit!. ;D
I WONT BE SKIPPING LD sessions tho ;) n now that
fridays end early i can get back into SDO sessions,
feels like missed out!. Lol... Lol... it's sad that
e previous n this quarter i can only go for either
LD or SDO!. how to improve liddat!~ RAWRRARRRARR!.
im not e only one tho, some LDotties also end late :(
WE CAN DO IT!. Lol... Lol... coz E'zzati Said so ;D

ttable is like tofu!. needs to be done somein to
or else it's just boring -_-" Lol... Lol... XD
sooo yaaa, bean!~ XD -_-" anw!. this quarter ima
build my craft[?.] more!. :D n yeah still gna make
more hotglamstuff for portfole'zzatio :D
Cheers!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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