Saturday, May 23, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


left hm earlier coz i wanted to shop at Juncti8n!.
in 88bus there was this auntie she had this really
cute pink n brown tortoise bag n e mmt i entered
e bus she offered me e seat beside her!. so i
thanked her n told her her bag is cute!. XD -_-"
reached ard 1250 n realized that i forgot that e
shop that i wanted to visit is closed!. RAWR!.

so i went to visit BishanLib n then texted some
HottIes asking where they were. it started
raining n was really cold so i went to BishanInt.
met HottIes Fir, then Nis, Shima, n Farah came
so we 410[w]ed :) SW2!. aimless badmntd, then
somehow i ended up in a lovely battle betw
HottIes Coach D n i VS HottIes Ismail n Fir!. XD

BRK!. finally gave Hot Didi some goodies!. haha
think she didnt expect it coz she seemed kinda
stunned!. XD glad she liked it tho ;D ooh btw e
soap is green now!. [L] GREENSOAP!. XD DSG!.
HottIte Mr Foong "dared" us to explore e use of
shapes!. inspired by e original picture below, i
did cchop!. [C] XD n Friday, I'm In Love!. [R] X)

aftrsch i was still upset that i didnt get to
shop!. Lol... Lol... so i decided to go to another
homemall that i love!. was like waiting n waiting
at BishanInt, at 1pt there were 2 JAunties n they
were like talking across me!. Lol... Lol... it was
kinda awkward coz i cld somewhat understand
what they were saying!. Lol... Lol... XD

410[g]ed to... Thomson Plaza!. :D gosh hvnt
been there since like... last yr!. XD it's 1 of my
fav malls coz i pretty much GREW UP there!.
Lol... Lol... changed alot tho~ it used to be a
regular haunt for us Peirceanistas coz it's very
near our sch ;) Lol... Lol... but now TP's like
targeted a lil bit more to e rich, coz they hv
shops that sells higher-end products so yeah

when i reached there i RAN [kinda!. ;)] to
Sembawang Music Centre!. au fond, i sooo
wanted to pre-order Greenday's album!. XD
Lol... Lol... dimelo?!. SMC had a 50%sale,
so IT WAS ONLY $17.50!. ;) happiness!. XD
hahah when i 1st told e staff she paused for
a while n didnt really believe that i was gna
buy it, then i think i was like sodamnexcited n
she cld tell so she like took out e poster n
i was like YEZZAH!~ XD Lol... Lol... 8D

also!. bought donuts!. :D there wasnt any
ChocoPop left so i asked e Donutdude n he
panicked!. rofl XD haha he was kinda cute!.
then he requested it to be made!. :D hahah
then he went "ENJOY YOUR DONNUTZZZ~"!. ;)
back to e pt!. when i was told it's a giant poster,
i tot it's like... A3?!. but it was really giant!. at
least to me!. Lol... Lol... btw dontcha think that
e silhouettes of e couple looks like E'zzaRi?!.

MY BLOG!. XD HI DAD!. rofl!. XD -_-" anw!.
betw BishanInt+Juncti8n there's this mini-road,
n dimelo?!. there were traffic police there!. rofl XD
so they were like taking down particulars of
those who jaywalked at that mini-road!. hahahah
sad if kena caught but i didnt coz i cross very
fast... like Flash from Justice League rofl XD -_-"

IEP!. so yeah changed our event :) anw, at
temptaking session i was 35degC!. cool XD
ahahah n today HottIes Coach D showed me
some of his dance moves rofl XD now he knows
how i feel when i play soccer!. Lol... Lol... X) -_-"
L: finally get to eat cchop today [L] n,... I'M
STRONG BABY!~ rofl see i wna go toilet then
im sooo strong that e handle broke!. Lol... Lol...

anw!. thanks to Greenday, ive discovered
a shortcut way hm!. saves my energy from
hving to walk all e way back to Juncti8n!.
ooh btw today i reached hm n was watching
CNA n they put on e marquee news [i made
up that name coz i dno what they call it!.]
they put "jaywalking is e major cause of
pedestrian fatalities" hahaha that explains
this morning's "situation" rofl XD then Hot Im n
i were watching CSI n during e opening song
we actually sang along!. Lol... Lol... we were
even harmonized n all!. it was really funny coz
we were like "you! you! you! you! you ooh ooh~"

L: also did my 1st ProgList for DJClub!. hahaha
i didnt know what to write so in e end i just put
stuff like reports from AFF09 n abt Breakdown!.
Lol... Lol... R: i dont really believe in horoscopes
but i was reading e Strait Times when i saw this!,
n only e 1st 5words were true :) "Your soul is
craving music,..." how they know huh!. Lol... Lol...

was 410[w]ing n guess what!. suddenly there
was some KNOCKING at E BUS WINDOW n i tot
ghost but in e end it was Ldjottie Sylvest!. -_-"
hahahaha so when he was walking e lonely rd n
my bus passed him i was like \m/ ;P!~~~
hahah luckily no one in e bus saw. if got then
confirm i will ask em to join rofl XD -_-"

DSG!. L: got our project requirements!. hahaa
it's actually quite fun n easy but I DONT HV
ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR so that sucks!. means hv
to do all e work in sch :( R: HottIes Resi was
like gg ard e class asking us to try n draw a
pencil, so i did, n Mr Foong was ard n he tot
it was a rocket -_-" hahaha kinda?. ;) -_-"

IEP!. frankly, i wasnt really into it, n i
think it's really just coz of e fengshui!.
seriously i find e location depressing -_-"
hahaha i decided to play with my hair,
which led to camwhorationizing :D

e wrist-at-head pose was kinda fun!. :)

walked outta sch with HottIes Mat n we
were like discussing how our ttable for
Wed n Fri should be switched!. :D haha
then i went TP [agn] to eat :) reached
ard 1212, then got bored n left at 1300 :)

LD!. LdPottie Mas told me that sessions might
be shifted to FRIDAY at ITE CLEMENTI!. wth!.
bummer much!. it's not confirmed yet tho :)
anw, during session there was 1pt when they
asked me to count e beats!. i just said i dno
how~ hahahaa i hope they nv find out how
i'd really count!. Lol... Lol... ;D -_-" AI VIII!.
Adam kicked aaAAAAaa$$!~ :D PR V!. yay
catched up n i love Kenley n Suede's designs!.
hahahah black n silver!. :D Lol... Lol...

SQUISHED TO DEATH BY A BUS!. it was really
scary!. i was in betw e middle pvmt[?.] n e bus,
it was sooo close e Toshiba Regza ad was just
nice in front of my nose!. you know how they
say when you're in a situation of life n death,
your life flashes infront of you!. it does!. :)

if i die then later i cannot listen!. so sad!. tot abt
AFF, my blog [$hit hvnt update], FBK [ppl who i
added coz i wanted to send em bumper stickers
but in e end i didnt], e 18th E'zzati Said Day, GTC,
everything!. Lol... Lol... okay that thing lasted for
like... 3secs?, but i think very fast!. :D Lol... Lol...
BRK!. went to Juncti8n, dimelo?!. I WAS ALMOST
SQUISHED TO DEATH AGN!. i was walking out n
e sliding doors closed on me!. -_-" Lol... Lol...
410[w]ed back to HottIteBishanLib to do
Project IEP, n dimelo?!. E FACE-SHIRTBASHER
[Ref: micasasucasa!.] entered e lib n was like
standing n behind us!. rofl it was kinda scary!.
HottIes Sufiyan was using e comp n a few mins
later he also used a comp behind!. i wonder if
he reads my blog!. anw!, SUFIYAN I THINK HE

DSG!. bellypain~ hahaha Mr Foong asked if my
brochure is abt singing n i said "undecided" X)
hahaha HottIes Farah n Shima played with
their hair n took some pics was funny XD at hm
i finally get to watch e LD DVD i kopped ytd!. 8)

NDP session today!. sick so didnt go -_-"
then Sdottie Qida told me that today's e
costume fitting day!. so i was like RAWR!. :(
dammit. but what to do~ sick means sick!.
anw, managed to update blog in e aftrnn!. :D

i visited Hot Nabs's blog n saw this!. XD
"everytime a bus arrives and passes ,
Me & Atiqa will do the \m/ sign .
& everyone inside will turn and stare at us .
HAHAHA ." rofl!. i saw em doing it n i
actually \m/ed back!. Lol... Lol... XD also!.
"in one of th busses , HottiE'zzati alighted .
i was like , holy crap ?!.
HAHAHA ." rofl!. i was like holy crap!, it's
Hot Nabs!. -_-" tot who!~ Lol... Lol... n!.
"then i asked her to sk8 but she dont want .
she wearing Vans alr . LOLLLLL .
ah , so yeah ." rofl!. i actually didnt want coz
there wasnt any hsome guys ard for me to
show off!. waste my energy you know~ ;)
Lol... Lol... -_-" anw!. Hot Mum, Dad, Aidi n
Nabs went to Msia agn -_-" n... they didnt
get me anything!. RAWR!. anw, wtv!.
Cheers!. \m/ TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs


SuFiYaN said...

\m/ yeah im a hero like that!\m/

E'zzati Said!. said...

hahahaha abeh tu happy!. XD