Monday, May 11, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


i wrote another poem!. coz i've noticed that
i've been talking a lot abt this to many ppl so
i'll just compile all my tots n feelings n blog it
out here all at once!. ha i wish i cld tell you
what it's abt!. anw, i hope you like it :)

your presence is electric and your touch kinetic.
some might've been present n were hating e whole time.
i asked why or how n they couldn't give me any.

say that these kinda things r meant to be let go, but i dont
wna, coz these feelings, is somein they dont know.
they say that it's meant to be forgotten, but to stash em
somewhere deep in my heart is what ive chosen.

it came n went on such short notice, i had 'lil time to
prepare. at 1pt there was still had so much to do, n i
barely scraped thru. but instd, i bcame sidetracked
by you. captured, edited, watched, replayed. to this day,
i have never laughed that much, or at least wanted to.
it is a symbol of how easily i can be distracted by you,
even when theres something demanding full attention.

it was the very first moment where i gained somein
of possibility which hv nv crossed my mind.
nobody knew who i was, or what i could do,
and i was hoping to surprise everybody. photos n videos
illustrates e reactions as i realized what i've done, but
nothing beats e mental picture i own of the whole situation.

it was the first time i was in total freedom,
bcoz i didnt care what was gg to happen to me. it's my
last breath of relief as i finally found peace within myself.

it was the first time i executed a not-so-bright idea.
i wouldnt say it was useless either,
coz it ended up evolving into somein i truly enjoy.

everywhere i go, i m reminded of you.
i m truly aware n happy that you're in gd hands now.
maybe then, they'll be lucky enough.
maybe then, they'll understand why i love you so much.

everything happens for a gd reason,
n believe me when i say that next time it'll betta.
and when it happens, you can be sure that i'll be there.

13hrs of a rocking gd time.
another 13yrs to live in e awesome mess left behind.
and of course, ...i still love you. always!.
i missed you even before you left ;)

Cheers!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs


maggiemag said...

wow.. your poem is really nice! :D keep going! haha

E'zzati Said!. said...

Mag!. :D THANKS!. :D
Lol... Lol... your photos r really nice too!. ;)
hahaha esp e museum ones!. :D