Wednesday, April 8, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


hope your keyboard is [somewhat] waterproof :)
so yeah. recently i was just stalking n i found
somein from a blog. as im posting this, it's e
182th time im reading it. n e 13th time i cried :)

i dont believe that things happen by chance or coincidence.
there must be a reason why 2 separate worlds can collide.
there must be a reason why i get to see it for myself.
everything you do is indirectly a part of me,
and i love everything abt it.

right now, you might be somewhere alone doing your own stuff.
and i'd be thinking of you. and deep inside, you'd know it.
and you might not be able to understand or appreciate or accept it.

you'd probably hv no idea what i see in you, or why.
but someday, i hope i'll be able to show you,
how you made me who i am today.

you'd probably nv get to meet me agn.
you'd probably be a lot older and dont rmb me by then.
you'd probably wont rmb or even know my name.
you'd probably wont rmb anything i said to you. or wld've said to you.
but i know you'd feel it somewhere in your heart in wtv you do next.

and you're e only reason that makes me carry on.

not bcoz of anything else in e world,
but bcoz one day, something will come out,
so that you can finally see what you hv done to me.

and i'll make sure that a part of it is especially for you.
and i'll make sure that your presence is acknowledged.
even if should you hv forgotten me.

and when i make it, i want you there.
and then maybe you'd pick up from where you've left off,
and finally see how you hv impacted me in so many ways.

altho i've gathered all e hope in my heart for somein to recur,
i'm happy and content enough to leave things as it is.

i hope you hv a great life. i wish the best for you.
there's a thousand other things that'll make you feel brand new,
but if you ever lose your way i'll leave one arm for you.

this probably isnt the best way to convey such emotion...
but if you're meant to know these things,
then i know you'll find your way here naturally. eventually.

and since i'd probably won't get to talk to you ever again...
i've left all of this here for you to read at your own pace...
if you choose to read it at all.

i still hv a vivid mental photo of us that i keep with me,
wherever i go and whatever i do.
thank you for introducing yourself to me.
and thank you for teaching me to be a better person.
with all the love in my heart and more :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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