Monday, February 9, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


Hi Hotties!. initially i just wanted to blog abt a bk i
read recently but it led to e 2nd part so yeah. i think
it's e most personal entry i posted so far. comment!. :D

*Heavy Metal & You

found this bk a few days back at BishanLib!. it's by
Christopher Krovatin :) if im not wrong so far this is e
only teen-fict bk i've ever read from a guy. borrowed it
bcoz i liked e concept n i tot that e design is lovely :D

okay let's be honest. it's kinda very brainless. probably
e least thought-provoking thing i've ever read. i can skip
3chapters n still understand e ending, which turns out
rather boring. mainly revolves ard sex, booze, n smoking.
gets kinda redundant after awhile. however cant help to
see some uncanny resemblance with e world heh. amongst
everything i actually think that it's really very sweet. n
sincere n funny. Lol... Lol... i rate it... 82%!. ;D


I MISS EM SO MUCH!. Lol... Lol... it's so hard to find
gd pHOTos of em!. so yeah ended up with e ones from
Hari Raya 08!. Lol... Lol... i miss you~ miss you~

okay i'll be honest i dont talk to em much [or at all], so
i dont really understand why i miss em either!. XD it's
really cool coz theyre my cuz n my NEIGHBOURS. or at
least they WERE my neighbours!. last yr they moved to
Buangkok, n i still hvnt gotten over e fact that they did!.

i miss knowing that theyre just next door in case i need
somein that i DONT hv "i borrow your backpack over e wkend?"
i miss knowing that theyre just next door in case they
need somein that they SHOULD hv "za, ader graph paper?"
i miss MSN-ing with em even when theyre just next door!. X)

right, i know i still bump into em outside [bumpercars!] n
someimes they still come over but it feels stupid coz i'll be
soo happy coz i get to see em but i'll hv nothing to say :)
i find that i am very jealous coz some families r just so close
["oh, me n my cuz r in e same band~"] n i dont even know
a $hit abt my cuzs!. esp e boys!. i realize that i know their
fav color n drink n girlfriend but what difference does it make!.

*Unknown HotCuz!.
plus!. i think i still hv some cuz that i dont know exist!. ie.
1 Of My Aunts: oh you're e same age as my son?.
E'zzati Said: who?. :) *thinks "what son?!"*
so now i wonder if they hv fbk or blogs but it's so hard to
track em online!. n e suckiest thing abt it is that i KNOW
that they're always on their comp!. RAWR RARR RARR!.

AOB: i feel quite blessed coz i still see em ard n even go
on holidays with some of em but,... okay nvm i shall stop
ME NOW!. I'M HOT!. Lol... Lol... see im sooo sweet!. typed
a whole damn post abt you who i dont even know rofl X)
anw, i trust that all of you r doing fab!. Cheers!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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