Saturday, January 31, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


Hi Hotties!. okay so here's everything else!. :D

woke up at 0700 just especially so that i can
Lol... Lol... e whole day my skin felt like Green Tea!.
n i think my hair smells like some lemonrose thing :)

so took 169, n e bus was superlembap!. as slow as a joyriding
a bike!. n by bike, i mean BICYCLE!. missed 2 88 buses!.
fortunately, e 88 flow was fantastic, like 3mins/bus so yay :)
in e bus, a Korean auntie sat beside me!. ANNYEONG!. ;D
went to 7 11 n bought a small Pokka ILT bottle n it costs $2!.
that's like twice of e real cost price!. RAWR!. since my LNY
resolution is to attend sch properly [n attempt punctuality], i
decided to meet Hot Didi!. walked too fast didnt finish gossiping!.
i was like superhigh n my voice started getting pitchy n we
just cldnt stop laughing!. Lol... Lol... so much for my new mth
resolution of wanting to vocalize properly!. Lol... Lol... XD

was early!. after MKTG i went to StudHub, n somewhen
later HottIes David came up to me n asked if i was nervous for
my EPL pst. he stressed e fact that my grp wld be e 1st grp to
present, so i was like "ok, cool :)" coz i tot it'll be on fri. N THEN!.
he said "later you all present you know" n i was like... omg,
PANIC AT THE STUDHUB!. mann seriously i knew no $hit abt it!.
Lol... Lol... fortunately agn, HottIes Vivien n Tsien-Ren came, so
it wldnt turn out overpathetic!. EPL we managed to be go 4th, n
i think it went quite well. i especially love Tsien-Ren's conclusion!.
to t-o-p it all of he ended with "...n it was a... big bang!."
Lol... Lol... *inside joke* heehee BIIIIIG BANG!~ :D but i consider
myself lucky coz HottIes Raynard actually had to present solo!. :)

BRK was boring. bought cchop n they didnt hv any buns so i
got a hotdog instd!. [GET IT?!.] Lol... Lol... MKTG this happened:
Ms Ema: your emotions r like a rollercoaster~ agree?.
HottIes Resi: oh mine is like a merry go round *with hand action*
E'zzati Said: ooh mine is a ferris wheel!. :D

Lol... Lol... funny what~ XD my life is like e bumper cars
[big banging], n my emotions r like ferris wheel!. okay moving on,
went to do EPL report aftrsch coz we had to hand in by 1730 n i
also knew no $hit abt!. funny part was when HottIes Raynard went
"eh you doing EPL report ar?." so i was like "ya~ *pitiful tone*" n
he replied enthusiastically "faster finish!, still can print leh~ e shop
still open!~ faster~" Lol... Lol... it was funny with capital NN!. XD

EPL project is now done!. YAY US WE ROCK!. KA-CHINGG!~
uh huh uh huh so i just wna give some shoutouts!. :D
yeahyeahyeah it's a wrap!. *does e hula-hula dance*

after *ShawtyGetLoose tune* thatthatthat thatthat thatthatthat!~
met Hot Mum at AMKTC Mcd n i treated myself with a
Hot Fudge Sundae With Oreo Cookies!. yummalamabangbang!. :D
motivated, i went home to finish my MKTG report. left ard 7 pgs.
like e lions my heart is roaring, like e music my heart is blasting~

like e flame... THURSDAY IS ON FIRE!!!!!~ OMG!. SERIOUS!.
OMG!. ard 4minutes after midnight Hot Nabs n i heard this
EXPLOSION followed by a loud SPLASH!. so it was like this:

Nabs Said: eh aper tu seh?. [referring to e sound]
E'zzati Said: entah, terrorist agaknyer~
Both Said: *harmonised pitch* eee~ touchwood2~
*we heard Hot Mum get outta her rm*
Nabs Said: eh, Ma keluar ar!.
*both of us dashed for the door*
*we stared at each other shocked, like omg2*

we stay at Blk 234, n at e 3rd floor of Blk 233 [which is like,
JUST IN FRONT OF US] was totally on fire!. SCARY!~ can feel
e heat from our living rm!. there were more explosions, n e
233nistas were throwing water at e fire!. didnt work much,
but it was really touching to see coz there were these 3 brave
ahpeks who continually went reallyreally close to e fire to splash
pails of water!. GO AHPEK GO AHPEK GO AHPEK GO!. :D

while waiting for Jim to come, e fire has completely comBUSTED
ard 3aircons!. spread spread until 6thfloor, n e smoke went till roof!.
[PS: Jim is e Fire Brigade, inspired by Ghost Whisperer lol] there
was ald a crowd at [my] "THE PADANG", n this happened:
E'zzati Said: eh, ader mat rep ar!.
Nabs Said: a'ah!, ni mesti blk 235 punyer seh eh?.
E'zzati Said: ya!~ correct correct~

Lol... Lol... back to e story, some 5thfloor++ residents
were still inside!. so we were like thinking to ourselves
if you hv a crowd at your padang, n you need to get a
pt across, what wld you, a hot rockstar, do?!. DUH!~

"RUN [eg. 5thfloor] RUN!~ DONT EVER LOOK BACK~"
[We The Kings - Check Yes Juliet] sang my heart out!.
it worked!. 8D awhile later Jim arrived, n 1 of e 3 brave
ahpeks had to help to pull e hose!. why, you may ask?.
coz Jim's hose wasnt not long enough!. cant reach!. -_-"

in e end they used an extension [really] XD so i waved my
arms in air n cheered for e ahpek for being so lovely :D
Lol... Lol... n so, i think e smoke clogged up my brain,
i cldnt think of anything, yet alone finish my report!. :/

wasnt late for sch!. :D EPL did Gantt Chart for our exams.
but i cldnt find out who is Gantt so it's E'zzatt Chart!. e
1st person i told abt e fire was HottIes David, n he didnt
believe me!. sadded. so i told HottIes Liyana, she supiciously
replied "REALLY ar?" double sadded!. in e end i told HottIes Yilik n
he believed!. he believed on e basis that he can see my brain
wasnt working properly. RAWR!. Lol... Lol... XD

before BZC HottIes Poo took my Today paper n he saw e
KFC Ultimate Value Box n he excitedly went ard e class showing
it to everbody!. Lol... Lol... so aftrsch most of e ppl inside
Juncti8n KFC r all HottIes!. but in e end Poo didnt come -_-"
Lol... Lol... at KFC we tot of putting all our boxes tgt to make a
playhouse but sadly we didnt manage to coz not enough -_-"

class ends at 1100, n e MKTG report deadline is at 1700, so i
finished it up emailed HottIes Yilik for printing. thankfully, he's
forever somewhere in sch!. ;) L: how 233 looked like after e fire
C: how it looked like on my way to sch!.
R: how it looked like when i returned from sch!.

reached punctually for MKTG!. 3 days being punctual for 1st
lessons in a row!. bangga-ness much X) BZC was "very mad" as
expected :) at 1pt Mrs Quek asked us to do somein n
HottIes Raynard suddenly went *screamo voice with feeling*
"NO!~" Lol... Lol... did a RolePlaythingy n i chose to be this character
called Jimmy coz e dialog is abt DinnerNDance [love!.] n e surname is
e glammest of all!. Lol... Lol... it's Tang!. 1 letter short of a loved
shopping complex!. XD somehow my voice bcame very mly so Liyana
commented that they should change e name to JimMINAH instead!. XD
was thirsty from all e laughing n we had 15mins so went to e cteen :)

otw!. there was this guy at B2 n he was carrying a
stupid bag so HottIes Matilda, Liyana n me were audibly
gossiping abt his bag, only to realize that his friend was
in front of us!. Lol... Lol... at cteen HottIes David treated
us a nugget/chicken!. THANKS HOTTIES DAVID!. :D
okay EPL we were supposed to be in e Auditorium before
1100, but we got carried way away~ Lol... Lol... i was
looking at Co-op n e clock was like 1110 so i queried
"eh, we're supposed to be in audi at 11 right?~" left!. went
to e toilet. outside e Audi we didnt wna go in coz paiseh so
we wasted some time saboing each other to go in 1st rofl XD
in e end we went in n sat at e front row!. Lol... Lol...

had a talk abt life n e 4keys. dimelo?, they gave us
free lunch!. so sweet!. THANKS ORGANIZERS!. :D
there were some noodles but i didnt take. e sausage was
nice!. for e sandwiches, e strawberry one was tasteless but
e grape one was really nice!. should've taken more :( e best
thing was e drinks!. they had Fruit Punch n Barley, so i
drimixed!. i think it's e 1st time a catering drink is soo
flavourful!. Lol... Lol... must be my brilliant drimixing~ XD

while eating we braindrizzled for a name for my drink!.
studio wasnt open yet so we went to cteen n we met
Sdo Boon Ling. claimed that i was drunk n she was like
"oh, vodka fruitpunch ar?. ayya you dont bluff~" Lol... Lol... XD

after that we went to take e stuff we needed for studio.
Sdo instructor didnt come today!. RAWR RARR RARR!. sooo
sadded mann was really looking forward for a gd session!.
anw we used my mp3 for e warmup song n e song was
Taio Cruz - Like A Star, so it was all cool!~ halfway thru
warmup i was mumbling to Liyana "EH ALAMAK i wonder
what's e next song seh sekali it's an embarrassing song!."
so she asked me what is e most embarrassing song in my
mp3!. Lol... Lol... 2nd song: Gareth Gates - Say It Isnt So!.
Lol... Lol... i dont even recall hving that song in my mp3!. XD

AOB: oops my posts r getting longer each time!. Lol... Lol...
just had so much to type lately blogging is sooo fun ;) haha
i hope you had a crazy [lunar] new yr beginning too!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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