Wednesday, December 10, 2008

E'zzati's Secret.

@dangdut is e music of my country.

7th wk!. was pretty pathetic. so i just basked in
e hangover of GTC. hmmm, things happened.

sch started at 10 coz Ms Nair's course'd.
so i only had 2hrs of sch. so lame...
e importance of today came when i finally
got to listen to e solo song that im supposed to
cover n got e lyrics. kecoh seh ;)

SW was e highlight of e wk. did some
leg-jumping-power traing thingy :D
then bdmntn'd onstage. Lol... Lol...

we ended early for BZC n i crashed into
e BGTnistas at e foyer so i just
chilled with em. catched up on stuff,...
funny thing is at 1343 987fm played
BOBD n then at 2147 Power 98. Lol... Lol...

STOMPAIDS!. okay today sch started at
1100 so i didnt come to watch e show :(
reached n went to e auditorium for EPL.
watched The Wedding Planner!. :D
was a nice show entertaining n all but we
stopped halfway coz had to do an
AIDS Awareness Maze Thing :)

was quite fun, e maze concept n all,
kinda like CounterStrike minus e weapons.
Lol... Lol... after that had an early break.
MKTG Ms Ema was course'd so we had
another early release. PATHETIC RIGHT!.

so me n some HottIes went to SAR.
i just calefare'd my way out of LD.
was kinda emo'd abt e PQ. [Pathetic Quotient]
at Bishan Mrt i did a very bimbo thing,
but i managed to profit $1 from it so
i bought a waffle on my way home :D

YEAHHH!~ somein else to cheer abt :)

sch started at 0800 n ended at 1000. pathetic right!.

met Hot Didi n walked to sch tgt :)
at BZC II there was a talk by someone from ITE HQ
[its at Dover, now then i know haha]. i only learnt 3 things.
EPL watched The Wedding Planner CD 2. ending was
kinda boringn pathetic, tot someone wld've died or somein :(

to add to e Pathetic Quotient [PQ], Sdo session was
cancelled coz of exams/instructor cant come. anw,

met HottIes Liyana n went to ITE Clementi for
VDG session. was actually late but everyone else was
late too. Lol... Lol... it was a small turnout so i was
kinda paiseh?. so i didnt open my mouth properly n
got told off :/ then discussed abt our solos.

my solo was okay, not really proud of it :(
but at 1 pt e rest sang e backup vocals so it was
kinda fun haha. n i managed to do my "aye" :)

so yeah. was a really pathetic wk, but things got
done. how was your PQ?. Lol... Lol...
i need to work harder. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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