Saturday, August 16, 2008

E'zzati's Secret.

@confessions on the dancefloor!.

6th wk of sch. e wednesday :D

Ms Cn is so adorable!. hahahahaha
she actually made us play Ice n Fire
for CAH!. Lol... Lol...

Ms H arrived saying she's in a weird mood.
she made us do this!.

goal setting!. SMARTstyle for post-ITE.
i just wna hv enough finances to go make
my clothes n more money!!! :D

here's some explanation of what i said!. :D
so yah. settled for e pursuit of further
sartorial knowledge at Raffles Design Institute.

i hv no patience for simply dressed ppl.
it's like when they arrive to an event,
no one notices em. it's like they're not "there".

i wna dress every major icons that i wish for.
however, there r a lot of high-profile yet
badly behaved, barely clothed ppl that i m
not interested in servicing.
i also do not like cheap, vulgar ppl.

what is very impt to me is e way someone
moves n makes e clothes alive. if you dno how
to act, you dont know how to move,
you walk badly, you do ridiculous movemt,
then you deserve to be at home!.

i pity e person who turns up in tshirts. if i go out,
i dont like to see a friend coming in like
he's/she's been from e wet market. im sorry. no.

u shld hv e education to know where you r gg.
someimes i can actually tolerate ppl in tshirts
at an appropriate moment only, if e shrit r cut to
my liking n is more designed than plain. also,
he/she better hv just had his/her hair perfectly done.

in terms of men, i hate it when they turn up in
cheap clothes!. i think it's very unfair to e ladies.
it's like you n society expect us to like doll n
dress up, at least return e favor!. i think it's
respect n courtesy to dresswell.

im not saying that all guys dressbad.
there r men out there who dressdamnwell
i actually enjoy em n look up to em.
n look at em. haha!. I LOVE MEN!.
[well most of em haha ;)]

weather was really bad [superhot] so
warm up jog was halved. still, my shoes
feet felt like it was on fire!. Lol... Lol...

initially streetsoccered. found out that
some of e guys watch Contender Asia too!.
hahaha yay :D game was quite fun albeit
shortlived. e guys played soccer with e
other class so me n Yvonne went over to
play captain's ball with e rest...

i know!. i finally got back into Latin Dance.
gotta say i was at fault for e MIA?. :$
haha didnt know some of e routine, but
some of e hotties there taught me :D

with that said, I STILL WANT
Cheers!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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